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VT SEVA Detroit Public Speaking Workshop - 2022

“The worst speech you’ll ever give will be far better than the one you never give.” – Fred Miler

We can do this well or we can do this badly, and the outcome strongly affects the way that people think about our ideas. This is why public speaking causes so much anxiety and concern.

The good news is that, with thorough preparation and practice, you can overcome your nervousness and perform exceptionally well.

VT Seva Detroit presents a great opportunity to learn the skills of being a good speaker from a Distinguished Toastmaster - the highest educational award in the Toastmasters program.

VT Seva Detroit is conducting an online workshop on March 12 & 19. On the 12th, you will get to learn the tips and tricks of a good speech. With the learned tips and tricks, you get to prepare a speech and present it to the experts on 19th for their valuable feedback.

On March 12th, you will learn about

1. Importantance of public speaking skills

2. How to plan and prepare an effective speech

3. How to deliver a speech based on a variety of verbal and non-verbal criteria.

4. Tips and techniques in eliminating verbal fillers

5. How to use visual aids to enhance the speech

6. Tips and techniques to engage the audience.

Online Public Speaking Workshop will be conducted by esteemed and experienced

Distinguished Toast Master Mr. Raju Brahmandhabheri

Mr. Raju Brahmandhabheri

is passionate about public speaking and communication skills and has been a Toastmaster (a platform to improve public speaking and leadership skills) for the last 8 years and achieved the DTM (Distinguished Toastmasters) - the highest educational award in the Toastmasters program. By profession, he is an electrical engineer and has been working in the utility industry from the past 18 years. He is currently working as an

Engineering Manager at ITC Holdings Corp., Novi, Michigan. He has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Mississippi State University. He teaches Electrical Engineering at Lawrence Tech University on a part-time basis as he passionate about teaching. He is a mentor for the high school students to coach/advice/prepare them for the annual Leadership Speech Contest hosted by the National Management Association (NMA). in April this year, he led the efforts to create a new corporate Toastmasters club at his workplace, ITC and continues to mentor the new club. He is one of the founders, past president, and current board member of the Detroit Telangana Community (DTC).

Alison Jolliff

is originally from England and has been in the US for 10 years. She became a Toastmaster two years ago and is now President of the Novi Toastmasters club. Prior to joining Toastmasters Inter-national, Alison studied to achieve a Master's degree in training and organizational development, and she currently works as a tutor.

In this workshop, you will learn public speaking skills on March 12th from Mr. Raju Brahmandhabheri and present your speeches on March 19th to get feedback from both Toastmasters Mr. Raju Brahmandhabheri and Mrs. Alison Jolliff.

Please prepare your speech to fit between 120 - 150 seconds in one of the below topics:

  • Equality

  • Are video games good or bad? Or somewhere in between?

  • Does peer pressure helps students grow as individual?

All the proceeds from this event goes to support Visually Challenged & Tribal Students education in India.

What a great way to support others while become competent in the essential life skill Public Speaking!

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from the best!!!!

VTSeva 2022 Public Speaking Rules and Procedures
Download PDF • 208KB

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