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VT Seva Virginia - Annual Event SUBHADA 2021

VT Seva Virginia chapter was able to raise funds to support 70 students at the blind and tribal schools. The event was held on December 19th at 3PM. Our director and a few youth were able to host the event.

We had performances from local music and dance schools, Notes & Beats and Srimanthi Saikantha Raparla’s students. Prajna students opened the event, along with diva lighting at Srimanthi Reena Garu’s home and then we had testimonials from Netra Vidyalaya students.

JET team invited everyone to join us for the Sarasrabdi event and we also spoke about VT Seva Virginia goals for 2022. We finished with a beautiful melodious performance from Akhila Mamandur, ETV Padutha Teenage winner. Senator Jennifer Boysko joined us for a few encouraging words to end the event.

Thank you to all of our attendees and supporters for helping us fulfil our goal of supporting 70 students

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