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VT Seva Volleyball Tournament 2019

Awesome job by the team, VT Seva Detroit team successfully organized the 7th Annual Volleyball/Throwball Tournament. About 13 teams participated in the tournament for the wonderful cause - Supporting the Blind and Visually Challenged Children.

Volleyball :

Winners : Awesome Spikers

Captain : Sriram

Throwball :

Winners : Detroit Champs

Captain : Sirisha

Sirisha ji , Vanitha ji and Arun ji (and the whole team of volunteers) for coordinating this great Tournament.

A Huge shout out to our referees volunteers Shiva ji, Darshan ji , Vish ji for helping us today. 👏👏

Thank you so much to all our wonderful youth volunteers who helped today.👏👏 Amitesh , Aishani, Sanjana, Teja, Arya Amogh,Amrith ,Ishaan,Hari, Yug,Surya,Abhay, Shounak and Kavya

Our youth volunteers always rocks in all events. Keep it up 👍

Thank you so much Sudhakar ji , Prema ji , Jyothi Sudheer ji , Nandhini ji , Venkat Ji , Rajiv ji Sreenivas ji , and Jyothi Srinath ji for all your great help today.

A special thanks to food sponsors Madhavi Sudhakar Kolluri ji,

VT Seva started this Tournament in 2013 Making successful every year .... It's all because of the supporters ... Again Thank you all the volunteers , participants ,parents and all other who supported us for this cause ...

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