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VTS Detroit 2021 Food Drive for Gleaners Food Bank and Capuchin Soup Kitchen


VT Seva Detroit has always been proud to partner with Gleaners and Capuchin Soup Kitchen in any community service initiatives.

Gleaner Food Bank is committed to end Hunger in Southeast Michigan along with their partner agencies as a part of Feeding America program. “Child” & “Hunger” are the two words that should never go together. To solve this complex problem Gleaners always collaborates with other agencies to find solutions for a hunger-free community.

Capuchin Soup Kitchen’s mission is to tend to people's basic needs, especially the need for food and strives to stimulate minds and nourish spirits, and works to understand & address root causes of social injustice in our community.

VT Seva Detroit has partnered with these two amazing organizations in many past Food Drives and Community Initiatives and have contributed immensely towards positively impacting the local community.

As a part of this Food Drive, we collected 12 Boxes of Food donations and over $682.00 in CASH for the Food Banks from generous customers who shopped today (08/22/2021) at Kroger Novi store from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Amazing help from all our wonderful volunteers who were there on all shifts and tirelessly worked for this great success.

Our youth volunteers and adult volunteers had all guns blazing throughout their shift slots reaching out to all the customers, distributing flyers, speaking about VT Seva Detroit and explaining the reason behind the food drive.

They were spot on with their impeccable customer friendly skills and approach. We did see few people who were un-responsive towards their efforts but our Volunteers never gave up, continued to do their duties with the same energy and smile.

We sincerely thank each one of these wonderful Youth and Adult volunteers who participated in the Food Drive.

Youth volunteers:

Sai Karnati, Sai Sahasra, Aditi, Hiba, Kaustubh, Pranav M, Dhruthi, Rashmitha ,Anand, Siddharth

Adult volunteers:

Srinath ji, Srivardhan ji, Nivedhita ji , Zahara ji, Vamshi ji, Raghunath ji, Suresh ji, Brijesh ji , Asha ji, Vanitha

Amazing 👏👌 help by Brijesh ji, Suresh, Zahara ji, Raghunath ji , Asha ji in making boxes, sorting, packing, loading , unloading boxes

Amazing help by Srinath ji , Srivardhan ji , Nivedhita ji, Vamshi ji in making boxes, sorting, packing during the morning hours till noon🙏

Special shout out to Asha ji for going home in-between of her volunteering shift at 4:00 pm to make some refreshing Masala Chai for Adult volunteers and treating our Youth volunteers with Lemonade, & Cup Cakes.

After the collection, the Gleaners Food Bank associate drove all the way to our coordinator’s residence and picked up the food donation boxes & he was so appreciative and whole heartedly thanked for our efforts. We also delivered the remaining food donations boxes to Capuchin Kitchen Services, Detroit. Pastor Dijan was very kind to appreciate our efforts.

We take this opportunity to also sincerely thank Kroger Corporate Executive, Stacy for approving VT Seva Detroit solicitation application and granting Novi Store to do food drive for Metro Detroit foodbanks to alleviate hunger in many families across Michigan.

We plan on continuing to do the food drive every year with the help of Kroger.

We received the below appreciation emails from Gleaners Food Bank!

Thanks so much to you and all of VT Seva Detroit! You all make such a difference in our community. We very much appreciate the wonderful support we receive from VT Seva Detroit – you all have been such longtime and wonderful supporters! Thank you for organizing a food drive to benefit Gleaners

Denise M. Leduc

Director of Volunteer Services & Partner Support

Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan

Blog created by: Vanitha Gopalan

Blog published by: Nandini Cheemalamarri (Detroit Communications)

Thank you Detroit Communications for your support in Social Media updates.

Thank you letter from Gleaners Food Bank.

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