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Visually Challenged Robotics team from India travelling to Houston Worlds competition

Our Nethra Vidyalaya robotics team has won state, regional, and national competitions in India and made it to the FIRST Robotics World competition!
From dreaming to achieving, the Robotics Championship is a testament to the power of perseverance and innovation.
Please help them attend the FIRST Championship International Competition in Houston, April 17-20, 2024
Learn more about their accomplishments at

VT Seva Atlanta Youth Led Summer Camp 2024

Youth Led Summer Camp 2024 !! We provide one on one sessions for Math & ELA. All proceeds will go to the education of Visually Challenged Kids in India.

VT Seva Atlanta Youth Clubs

Atlanta VT Seva youths are wearing many hats and demonstrating leadership skills in front-running
SUBHA 2023 annual event. We have 10 VT Seva Youth Clubs 9 in High schools which are in: Lambert,
Denmark, Northview, Alliance Academy, Alpharetta High school, Innovation Academy, South Forsyth,
Chattahoochee High school, and Forsyth Central high school and 1 in Desana Middle school.

Atlanta LinkTree
VT Seva Atlanta one stop shop for everything:

About our branch

VT Seva Atlanta is a beacon in engineering young minds in various philanthropic projects in the field of
Education, Environment, Disaster Relief, Healthcare, Women Empowerment, and Cancer Awareness.
Some of our high-impact projects are: Tutoring and Mask-making for the Special Needs kids of the Laurel
Heights Hospital, April Cool seedling project, Animal Care and Bird Feeding projects, Adopt a Rd cleanups,
Hands-on CPR, feed the needy through Meals by Grace, Summer Camp, Visit to Fulton County Superior
Court, Police Appreciation, Robotics Workshop, and Digital library project for print disabled. Youth and
adult volunteers enthusiastically participate in the volunteering events and accumulate service hours for
the Presidential Volunteer Service Award, which is a national honor recognizing the social service.
Atlanta VT SEVA embraces compassion, equality, diversity, and benevolence in volunteerism. We
welcome you to join VT Seva Atlanta team to unlock your true potential and make a difference in this


Join our events.  Volunteers at our branch make tremendous efforts to make them successful. Your support drives them.Subscribe below to know about upcoming events in your area.

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April 20 & 21

VTS Atlanta - April Cool

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April 17, 2024

Visually Challenged Robotics team from India traveling to Houston for the Worlds competition

Learn more about visually challenged robotics teams success journey at

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April 28, 2024

VT Seva Atlanta CPR Workshop

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2.png


VT Seva Atlanta presents Meals by Grace

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March 30, 2024

VT Seva Atlanta Self Defense Training Session

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VT Seva Digital Library for Blind and Print Disabled

An initiative to convert books and print material into digital content that can be accessed by the blind and visually challenged indviduals.

Meet your team

Meet your team at our location. Connect with them for any questions.  

Dr. Madhu Nemani



Sangamitra Kothapalli


Hithesh Gazzala

Youth Director


Harsh Gulati

Youth Assistant Director


Anuradha Gazzala



Anitha Mathan

Assistant Secretary

Alone we cannot, together we can


 ways to you can help to continue the impact


Donate towards Visually challenged childrens education



Donate towards free education for under previledged children



Join all our events near you



Feed the students for your special date and ocassion

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Start your own fund raiser

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Youth  - join us for leadership and volunteering activities. VT SEVA is a registered organization to administer presidents volunteer service awards (PVSA)



Adults - join us to volunteer and help with events. We are always looking for new skills and support



Read our inspiring articles about our events, other experiences by our volunteers

A decade of Service
Learn about VT Seva and how through years,  your support has helped the community you live in.  Lets continue this support.  

Past events

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Fuel positive change with your donation – every contribution counts!

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