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Let Us Back Up Our Super Heroes - COVID-19 Relief Aid

VT Seva North Jersey is working closely with local hospitals and is responding to the need of Face masks and PPE. New Jersey is one of the hard hit states and is in dire need of protective gear for Health care professionals. Several professionals who are fighting COVID-19 risking their lives are getting infected and need immediate support.

Dr. Ramya, ER Doctor, Newton Medical Center shared that Doctors need N-95 masks as they get even visibly dirty within couple of hours and we are wearing the same mask all day long.

VT Seva is raising funds to provide 2000 KN-95 masks for St. Claire Healthcare and other local hospitals. We will continue to monitor and provide support as needed to other highly impacted cities.

Thanks Anjani garu for contribution, it’s a great help, We all from newton hospital would like to thank you VT Seva. I am treating couple of ENT physicians and couple of Primary Care Physicians in our hospital who are exposed to COVID-19. ENT physician is in verge to be placed on ventilation. Any contribution toward this good cause will be helpful. Thank you every one supporting in this crazy situation, Be safe - Dr. Santosh from St. Claire.

100% of the funds donated go towards providing medical supplies in North Jersey. The need is more, the time is NOW! Let us support and protect our Health care professionals.

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Fuel positive change with your donation – every contribution counts!

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