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Be Limitless 2021

Celebrating Volunteerism 2021

#Limitless is all about celebrating how we as volunteers and as an organization have broken boundaries and made 2021 our biggest year yet. Our volunteers proved that even a global pandemic couldn’t stop their fire to serve our community and make an impact.

With fun trivia questions, interactive activities, and messages from benefitting organizations, it truly was a trip down memory lane.

We gave all the volunteers an opportunity to reflect upon their experiences with VT SEVA in 2021, and how their volunteering made a positive impact in our communities.

In the year 2021, our volunteers have put in 35,000 hours hosting 217 events despite the fact that the pandemic was playing havoc, and most of the world was in the virtual realm.

Guest speakers at LIMITLESS

Corey Jackson the CEO of Laurel Heights Hospital in Atlanta, is one of our beneficiaries.

Laurel Heights Hospital is a pediatric behavioral health facility in Atlanta, Georgia, that serves children and adolescents who face complex psychiatric, behavioral, and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Check out our Atlanta Team's support to Laurel Heights Hospital here.

Dawn Dixon, FS Series North Carolina Volunteer Coordinator

Dawn is a volunteer coordinator for FS Series which is an event production and electronic chip timing company based in North Carolina. They organize events for many charity organizations and since 2019, Dawn has supported our VT Seva Cary volunteers and also encouraged our youth volunteers to continue their efforts after each visit. She is also a consistent donor to our Nethra Vidyalaya students.

Check out Cary Team's collaboration with FS Series here

Steven Dillon, Volunteer Program Director at DESC (Downtown Emergency Service Center, Seattle

The DESC is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1979 and provides integrated services including housing, emergency shelter, crisis intervention, and healthcare to thousands of homeless and formerly homeless people every day. Steven is the Volunteer Program Assistant and works with other local organizations to build and maintain housing for the homeless in Seattle downtown.

VT Seva Seattle hosted the 5th Annual walkathon on Aug 14th, 2021 at Ron Regis Park, Renton. This year, the team has adopted the cause of homelessness and started their walkathon a month before virtually and completed it with an in-person finale. The goal is to walk to end homelessness and raise funds to support the needs of homeless people.

We have successfully raised a total of 5K and donated the sum to DESC.

Check out our Seattle Team's contributions to DESC here

Missed the event? Find the complete video here:

We congratulate the team, Ms Pranuti Kalidindi, VT Seva National Volunteer Coordinator, from Seattle, Ms. Anushka Sharma, Seattle, Mr. Harish Jaisankar, Detroit, Mr. Shreyas Viswanathan, Dallas, Ms. Naimisha Kodali, Atlanta, Ms. Vaishnavi Mareddy, Austin, Ms. Sanjana Vellanki, New Jersey and Ms. Rohitha Sanka, Cary

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