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VT Seva Boston Annual Event BLOOM 2019

On April 6th 2019, VT Seva Boston team and New England community celebrated Bloom annual event.

The evening started with Akhil Maqtedar and Akshitha Maqtedar singing the American National Anthem and Jahnavi Vemuri rendering Indian National Anthem. Our beautiful MCs of the day Amulya Jayam, Ria Mishra, Tanishi Mishra and Shreya Gattu with their constant smile, effortlessly welcomed all the guest and educated them about VT Seva. The event was kicked off by New England Prajna students recite Shlokas to take blessings for a successful event.

Success of BLOOM is only possible due to Volunteers time and generous donations to support Mahila Arogya Vikas and JIMS hospital medical equipment project.

We had three Video Contest groups and the winners were announced on stage and their video played.

Public Speaking contest has been very successful with over 30 participants in 4 categories. Each category had topics related to one of the pillars of VT Seva and the speakers put their efforts.

The winners were announced and had an opportunity to speak to the audience. Mr. Paresh Motiwala of Circles of Growth, supported public speaking contest by conducting a workshop for youth and Judging the contest. He supported by training the MCs as well.

The winners of this competition presented at the BLOOM thus providing education to all on various topics. Mrs India USA Mrs. Vidhi Dave from Connecticut graced the event and presented the trophies. Shova Sharma from New York Life very kind to sponsor all the trophies and plaques for this event.

Din Check Band supported by DJ Jawed Wahid entertained community with their live music and some beautiful melodies.

BLOOM is thankful to our local dance and music schools for their support for Mahila Arogya Vikas. We had fantastic performances from students of Shaila School of dance, Sailaja Chowdary natyalaya and self-choreography teams. Everyone enjoyed and felt unique about “Miss India New England fashion show”with team of Miss India NE team and Mrs India of New England.

The snacks were sponsored by Minerva Indian Cuisine, Mirchi nation and few volunteers. Beautiful decorations were made possible by Lakshmi Jemolla, Manasa, Raghuram Samudrala and dedicated decoration volunteer group. Everyone enjoyed the dinner served by the food committee.

Green Team led by Mrs. Madhavi Kamma supported the event by using Stainless steel cutlery , paper products and reusable cups for water supporting environmental awareness pillar. With her support more of this will be included in upcoming events.

for pictures click here

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