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COVID-19 Response - VT Seva Houston Team Has a plan for you

VT Seva Houston team came forward to work for the community during this time of COVID-19 crisis. VT Seva Volunteering organization always supports Houston community on a regular basis partnering with other non-profit organizations such as Lunches of Love, Houston Council for Blind, Blood donations drives etc. We also provided financial assistance when it is hit by calamities such as hurricane Harvey. During this COVID-19 stay at home, there is no stop to the services provided with humble gratitude.

Spreading love with Lunches of Love

As part of VT Seva nation-wide drive to raise funds to support local charities funds were raised in Houston and several supporters came forward to donate for the cause. We partnered with Lunches Love to provide 7600 meals to children of low income families. Lunches of Love is committed to helping end childhood hunger in Fort Bend County by providing a free nutritious sack lunch during extended school holidays and weekends. VT Seva Volunteers have been volunteering from past 2 years serving 5000 lunches with 30 volunteers coming together.

Protecting our Healthcare Professionals

With an appeal of urgent need from our VT Seva North Jersey branch for medical supplies, since its one of the heavily impacted cities, VT Seva Houston provided with medical supplies to Saint Claire's Hospital. This donation helped them procure N-95 masks to protect Doctors and medical staff treating COVID-19 patients. VT Seva supported donation of 540 masks for Saint Claires and other hospitals in heavily impacted cities.

Our sister organization Vikasa Tarangini is taking several relief measures in India whether it is on duty police, and other essential daily front line workers, feeding stranded migrant workers, providing grocery, providing medical supplies to boost immunity to vulnerable population in the communities during the lock-down period.

Thank you gesture with Pizza

Providing lunch for the medical staff at Response Unit of Methodist Hospital to show our gratitude for the endless hours they are putting in for the community during the time of crisis.

Go online with VT SEVA

We are in this together, providing free online classes to everyone during their safe stay at home. Please find more details here

Our heartfelt gratitude for your support!

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