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Covid-19 Response - VT Seva Tampa tackles hunger and health care ppe needs

In wake of COVID-19 pandemic, VT Seva Tampa team came together to support the local community as part of VT Seva’s nation-wide campaign to provide relief aid to local communities. VT Seva Tampa donated 900 masks Northside Health Center and other local hospitals to protect our heroes - doctors, nurses and other front line health care professionals. The global pandemic COVID-19 is making the safety of health care professionals much harder and it is only justified we as community provide any support we could.

With record number of lay-offs and furloughs, schools on indefinite close downs, the need for free food has exponentially grown. To support our partner Feeding Tampa Bay help feed the hungry, VT Seva Tampa has donated $ 1500 which would help provide 4500 meals.

Feeding Tampa Bay provides food to the hundreds of thousands of food insecure families in the 10-county area of West Central Florida. VT Seva Tampa has been volunteering with them for the past three years with a frequency of twice a month.

VT Seva Tampa has also partnered with Metropolitan Ministries which provides food and shelter to the families in need. In addition, they also provide Education, life skills with various educational programs they do in the community. VT Seva Tampa donated $ 1500 to help them serve the community benefiting 4500 more people in need.

Helping those in need is not charity, it's humanity - If you would like to support our COVID-19 response activities, please consider donating.

Pictures from volunteering prior to COVID-19 outbreak.

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