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Covid-19 Relief efforts in India

For the latest details on our VT India Covid-19 relief activities, please visit

In light of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and lock down imposed in India for safety of everyone from the spread, Vikasa Tarangini, our sister organization is relentlessly serving the needy. We are serving thousands of Daily Wage workers, Lorry Drivers, Traffic Police, Doctors/Nurses on a daily basis. VT Seva CEO, His Holiness Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji is actively guiding all the activities.

Some of the services include providing-

Fresh nutritious meals to professional on duty, daily wage workers,migrant workers, and others in need.

  • Milk, fruits to children.

  • Face masks

  • Distributing grocery and hygienic supplies.

  • Immunity booster supplements.

  • Raising awareness about the precautions to be taken to stay healthy.

Thousands of our volunteers are continuing to play their part representing Vikasa Tarangini as a responsible NGO service oriented organization. Many places, our volunteers are pooling their own money and supporting the causes as the need is huge.

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