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Nethra Vidyalaya Students take home medals at 2021 National Para Championship

“The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.” – Pele

Congratulations to the Nethra Vidyalaya students who competed in the National Level Para Champaionship-2021. Every day our students work extremely hard to continuously break the boundaries that were placed on them at birth. We are very proud of their dedication and hard work and will continue to support them in their efforts to achieve their dreams. Nethra Vidyalaya will continue to empower students across all disciplines. Athletics is not only an investment physically, but it also builds a strong mind and heart.


Thanks to all the teachers and volunteers who support our athletes. Your support gives our kids the tools, confidence, and resources to succeed.

How you can help:

To produce the next generation of inspiring athletes, we need your help. Our athletes need funding for equipment, coaches, and athletic facilities. Your support will go a long way in making their dreams come true.

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