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COVID-19 Relief Aid - New Jersey Team Rising up to the need to serve community

Hospitals everywhere have been experiencing shortage of face masks, specifically the N-95 masks. These masks are important for the safety of doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals risking their lives every single day to treat those afflicted with COVID-19. VT Seva NJ has chosen to donate $ 4,000 to St. Peters University Hospital towards masks / protective equipment, for health care providers, in hope that less are exposed to the danger of COVID-19. According to the hospital spokesman our donation helps them for procuring nearly 1333 N-95 Masks.

VT Seva NJ has donated to Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) and Franklin Food Bank enabling 6000 free meals available for the needy. VT Seva NJ has dedicated many hours to volunteering at TASK over the last 3 years, serving food to those in need within the Greater Trenton Area. Additionally, VT Seva has provided monthly brown bag lunches to TASK for those in need to take home for past 3 years.

Pictures are taken before COVID-19 break-down.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic and the lives being displaced, the requirement for free food assistance has been surging at food banks. VT Seva stepped up to provide our humble support. TASK Executive Director Ms. Joyce Campbell who kept kitchen open for the community with limited volunteers during this crisis said “Thank you so much VT SEVA for your donation- we are feeding more now so it will help to feed many.”

Ms. Ellen Zimmerman, HR Director of the Franklin Food Bank said ”This is so wonderful and so generous. We appreciate the support of your organization!" Franklin Food Bank is set up for neighbors helping neighbors in Franklin community. VT Seva donated non-perishable food to Franklin Food Bank on several occasions in the past.

We thank you for your continued support. Your Support Is Our Strength To Serve!

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