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Saptaswara - Empowering the visually challenged with music/singing opportunities

VT Seva Dallas along with Saptaswara School of Music is excited to launch a new initiative that would provide a platform for the talented musicians and artists in India who are blind or visually challenged.

We are happy to work with Netra Vidyalaya's alum Mr. Parameshwara Rao during the initial (trial) phase of this initiative. As you all know, Mr. Parameshwara Rao is a very talented and gifted singer who shot to fame after winning the popular titles of ETV Paaduta Teeyaga, Gemini TV Bol Baby Bol, ETV Black Program, Maa TV Rela re Rela, and other famed singing competitions.

As part of the trial, we will be working for 1-2 months with about 10 kids (10-18 yrs) from the DFW area who are already into learning Indian music. There will be a nominal fee of $15 for a class ($60 for 4 classes in a month). If anyone is interested to be part of this trial, please contact us for more details. Once the trial phase is completed and all the logistics are worked out, the plan is to open it up across the nation and globally.

This would be a great opportunity to not only learn music/songs from gifted individuals like Mr.Parameshwara Rao, but you would also be supporting in building a lifelong platform and opportunity for all the visually challenged musicians and artists in India.

For more details, please contact:

Mr. Phani Aduri - # 2143948493,

Mr. Krishna Kanth - # 9729358955,

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