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Supporting Visually Challenged through Art Form -Sanjana Chada

Sanjana Chada from Alabama is getting ready for her Arangetram on July 24th, 2021 and she intends to support Visually Challenged students from Schools supported by VT Seva. VT Seva appreciates her kindness in supporting the great cause through her art form and wishes her the very best!

Let's know more about Sanjana and her wonderful journey in her own words.

Hi, my name is Sanjana Chada, and I am currently a rising junior at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. I have been learning Bharatanatyam for seven years with Guru Smt. Sheila Rubin at Natyananda School of Dance. Bharatanatyam is a dance form that emphasizes on Indian culture and history, as well as the dancer's emotions. This put forward an opportunity for me to delve deeper into my own culture in order to learn about different stories expressed in the art form. My fascination towards Bharatanatyam began at an early age when I came across different photographs of my mom’s dance performances; since then, the poses and gestures piqued my interest. The precise hand and foot movements, as well as the coordination of the dance, further enhanced my interest. At age 8, I was able to follow my passion for dancing by beginning classes under the guidance of Smt. Sheila Rubin, my Guru. Ever since, I have had the opportunity to perform with my fellow dancers at a number of events over the last few years. I have learned the value of perseverance and patience from my years of practice, which will help me with my upcoming arangetram preparations. An Arangetram is similar to a graduation ceremony in which the dancer has completed their initial training and will proceed further. I am blessed and thankful to have come this far and hope to continue on my path. I first learned about VT Seva through my dad who had previously donated to help the visually impaired. As their purpose became more apparent to me, I hoped to contribute and be a part of it as well. Bharatanatyam is an art form that also incorporates music. Music is recognized as the universal language and everyone can use it to express themselves.

This art should be shared among different people, so I would like to contribute to the Netra Vidyalaya School, which provides education and access to various types of training for the visually and physically challenged. My belief is that everyone deserves equal opportunities and access to various types of training that might assist them in education, art, and life skills. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Join Sanjana to support Visually Challenged Students

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