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Tarangini - VT Seva Dallas' Annual Fun(d)raiser

VT Seva Dallas organized Tarangini 12th anniversary on Feb 13th, 2021. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, it was a virtual event. Still, the programs were no short of real experience to motivate and entertain the audience of 250 families watching live from their homes.

With the power of teamwork and kindness of the volunteers and donors, Dallas team raised funds (including corporate matches to come soon) to support the education of 500+ underprivileged students studying at schools for Schools for visually challenged and Schools for tribals in India. From Tarangini funds, Dallas team also contributed $12,000 as appreciation prize money to 16 players of Andhra Pradesh Cricket team for the Blind. The team won national T20 cricket tournament competing with 23 states from all over India.

Key highlights of the event

Motivational Speakers:

  • Chief Guest – Padma Bhushan Mr. Gopichand Pullela, Chief Coach of India Badminton, Dronacharya and Arjuna awardee

  • Keynote Speaker – Professor Mr. Giri Amaravadi, University of Texas, Arlington, Lend an Eye Project coordinator for better enabling the education of visually challenged at Netra Vidyalaya using technology

  • Guest Speaker – Ms. Suma Kanakala, Prominent TV presenter


  • Emcees – VT Seva Dallas Youth Volunteers

  • Speakers – Mr. Priyatham (Dallas Branch director, 2019 & 2020 ) and Mr. Uttham (New Dallas branch director, 2021 & 2022)

Entertainment by:

  • Multiple programs such as dance, comedy shows, Festivals of India cultural show by JET USA PRAJNA students

  • Mimicry program by Mr. Raju

  • Songs program by Kasheesh group

  • Music and Songs by Mr. Karthik and Ms. Nutana

The event started with peace prayer and lighting of the lamp followed by rendering of national anthems of US and India. As part of the event, VT Seva national Joint treasurer announced the President's Volunteer Service Award recipient names from Dallas and congratulated them for their volunteerism. The volunteering opportunities and new project initiatives by VT Seva Dallas team were announced and the team is looking forward to spreading the joy of volunteerism and philanthropy in the communities we live in with active engagement and empowerment of youth.

Here is Padma Bhushan Mr. Pullela Gopichand's special interview. He recognizes the efforts of VT Seva volunteers, shares what compassion and success mean to him and much more.

Watch the complete program of Tarangini 2021

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