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VT SEVA Dallas Earth Day!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

This April, VT Seva Dallas has been committed to volunteering in honor of Mother Earth! This included activities such as:

Keep Texas Beautiful Trash off

As part of the Great American Cleanup volunteers joined the city of irving to clean up the streets in Trinity View Park. In conjunction with other volunteers from Irving 1,230 pounds of trash and 1,140 pounds of recyclables were removed from the city.

Problems with Plastic Youth Virtual Workshop

On April 8th VT Seva conducted the "Problems with Plastic" virtual workshop with the City of Plano. The virtual workshop provided an interactive education to middle and highschoolers on how to help the environment. The participants were taught the '3Rs - Reduce, Reuse and recycle, and how to minimize usage of our favorite plastic items to help make a positive impact on the environment.

Earth Day

VT Seva celebrated Earth day with the City of Frisco as part of the "Clean it and Green it" program, a city wide cleanup. On a beautiful Saturday morning VT Seva Dallas had 70+ adult and youth volunteers come out to celebrate Earth Day and participate in multiple activities.

The celebration started with an Earth prayer by Mr. Vinayak, the adult lead for all environmental related projects in Dallas, followed by Mrs. Lakshmi teaching the youth how to make crafts using plastic bags. The Youth then gave presentations on how we can save the Earth by keeping it clean and unpolluted. Finally, all of the volunteers joined together to clean the street and keep the streets beautiful.

In addition to all this, Vounteers collected plastic bags and donated them to the Metrocrest Food Bank where they will be used to pack hygeine products for those in need.

Ms. Juliana from the Frisco Environmental service department was our chief guest and she was very appreciative of how VT seva is one of the very few organizations who have still been in partnership with the city for over 10 years now and is continuing to keep the streets clean!

A big thank you to Youth presenters - Sai, Sahasra, Rithya and Medha and all the adult and youth volunteers who joined us on Earth Day!

Speech from Ms. Juliana:

Pictures from Earth Day:

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