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VT Seva Atlanta Laurel Heights Hospital

Updated: Jan 15

Atlanta Winter Cloth Drive For Special Needs Kids -

VT Seva Atlanta youths collected new & gently used clothes in Dec 2023 & Jan 2024 for the Special Needs Kids of the Laurel Heights Hospital. Some of the children who came to the hospital in the summer months for their treatment are still in the hospital and they don’t have any winter clothes. Thus, our youths collected more than 350 coats, jackets, pants, shirts for them to help them stay warm during recovery process.

The CEO of the Laurel Heights Hospital, Mr. Corey Jackson appreciates VT Seva youths for their generous donation of winter clothes. He & his team will facilitate interactive session soon for our youths to understand how they take care of the Special Needs kids of the hospital. VT Seva is building strong relationship with the Laurel Heights Doctors and it will be strengthen even more through collaborative projects in 2024!

Visit of May 19, 2023

Atlanta VT Seva Team visits Laurel Heights Hospital May 19th, 2023. Corey Jackson, CEO of the Laurel Heights appreciated the work that Atlanta VT Seva does and also looking forward for the Summer Camp collaboration with the VT Seva youths. Dr. Smitha Batulla and Dr. O also appreciated the service work done by Atlanta team in last couple of years since 2021. Sonya Rice, Business Development Director of Laurel Heights truly appreciated the thoughtful cards for Special Needs kids and Laurel Heights Doctor’s and staff members. VT Seva and Laurel Heights collaboration has taken a new dimension by starting summer classes for the special needs kids of the hospital to engage them productively during their treatment at the hospital.

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