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VT Seva Cary Racing Towards Healthier Communities

VT Seva Cary has been a part of FS Series events for over a year. FS Series, a non-profit organization, distinguished for their marathon events raises funds benefitting the REX Hospital and other organizations. The participants not only benefit from a well-methodized workout, but also feel great knowing they gave a child or a family hope for a cure.

Since Health Care is one of the four core outreach areas of VT Seva, it is a very relatable cause for VT Seva. The youth team is excited to participate in FS Series events by supporting activities right from setting up the event infrastructure, distributing water to the participants and cheering the runners as they run for a cause. Even if it’s cold to stay Youth Team loves to participate in this event, and get highly motivated to see little kids to elderly people running for a cause.

VT Seva Cary participated in 6 events during 2019 for FS Series. The volunteer coordinator of FS Series, Dawn Dixon, always supports VT Seva Youth Team by giving wonderful opportunities and great motivation. Dawn recently sent a letter to VT Seva Cary honoring the efforts with a $700 donation towards the Schools for Visually Challenged run by VT Seva. we give heartfelt thanks to all to our supporters and to Dawn Dixon for memorable opportunities to VT Seva.

- Rohitha Sanka, Cary

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