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VT Seva Dallas 2nd Annual Halloween Candy Donation Drive

VT Seva Dallas recently concluded its 2nd annual Halloween Candy Drive for US troops where we collected over 1600 lbs of candy, an increase of 60% from last year. We had quite a number of youth and adult volunteers participate, with our youngest being 2 years old. We were able to successfully raise almost $400 from the candy buyback, which will be used for tribal school children. In addition, the collected candy was donated to US army troops and the Metrocrest Food Bank. Here are a couple of our volunteers’ experiences with the event:

“We donated around 2 ½ buckets of candy and received $12 from Melissa Rozas D.D.S & Associates located in Coppell.” - Sai Karthik Battula

“This event made me realize the privileged upbringing that I’m blessed with and has taught me that the joy of giving is so much more fulfilling. Moreover, it has inspired me to take time out of my busy schedule to do something for others.” - Raam Raodeo

“It was my pleasure to participate in the candy drive again!! I was really happy about all we did.” - Sahasra

“It was a beautiful experience to collect candies for the Halloween Candy Drive. So many kids wanted to go to more houses so that they could contribute more towards the drive. Not only did they donate candies from their candy stack, but also gave their favorite candies.” - Devayani Nagabhushan

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