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VT Seva Detroit Youth Board Second Hybrid Walk-A-Thon

VT Seva Detroit Youth Board 2nd Walkathon

VT Seva Detroit Youth Board is conducting its second walkathon from June 11, 2022, to July 24, 2022. In-Person Finale Walkathon will be conducted in Shiawassee Park, Farmington on July 24, 2022.

“There will be the days where you are not motivated. But the motivation comes after you show up. Don’t start with the motivation – start with doing”

When cancer becomes a part of one's life, there is a lot to worry about. Angels of Hope provides financial assistance to the Michigan families in need to ease the burden caused by the disease.

All the proceeds go towards Angels of Hope.

Do you want to lead a team in the walkathon?

All you have to do is sign up your interest in Team Lead Signup Link:

You can have your own team and motivate your team members to walk every day and stay healthy by registering for our Walkathon.

We had a kickoff meeting on June 11, 2022. Many parents and youths participated in the kickoff meeting and started the walkathon enthusiastically. Many youths signed up as Team Lead, come join us and support the cause by being healthy.

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