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Youth Volunteer - Sumati Gurram Experience with VT Seva

As Bob Ross once said, “All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.”

I am Sumati Gurram, a student of 8TH grade.

During the Covid Pandemic the world was going through a challenging time. We were all by ourselves at home as we were social distancing.

I wanted to use the time I had just by myself at home as an opportunity to do creative work and thus I made paintings with a vision of making a positive impact towards a cause benefiting the society. The paintings made depicted many aspects of life.

VT seva gave me an opportunity by allowing me to sell these paintings during the Dosa Fun Feast at Jeeyar Ashram on 06/05 and raise funds that will go towards the visually challenged students at Netra Vidyalaya, India ( ). I was able to sell all my paintings and was able to raise $305 from generous people.

I was excited by the support received from all the coordinators at VT seva and buyers. This support has encouraged me to continue this effort for a good cause in the future as well.

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