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Appreciation Lunch for Police - March 2021

On March 5th, 2021, VT Seva Dallas started monthly Appreciation lunch to 80+ Police officers and staff at the City of Frisco appreciating their services to keep us safe. We will be conducting this on monthly basis throughout the year. Youth gets an opportunity to thank the police, interact with them to learn about the law, services and get motivated to grow up as law-abiding citizens. They also get to take pictures with the officers.

Our gesture was greatly appreciated by them thanking VT Seva on their media channels. To encourage our VT Seva youth volunteers, Frisco Police Department offered to provide an interactive informative orientation session on a monthly basis honoring our request.

In words of youth volunteers who participated in the appreciation lunch and tour of the police department -

"It helped me to understand what the Police officers do and also how they help the community to keep us all safe" - Viraaj Gorukanti

"I have done many things over the years as a VT Seva Volunteer, but never before would I have thought that I would meet the police. It actually happened today." - Sriram Vennamaneni

"Speaking and interacting with the police officers, by asking them questions and hearing about their thoughts on different aspects of the job, revealed to us a much more approachable and friendly reality of officer's personalities that contrasts stereotypes many citizens hold of the police being intimidating!" - Akshara Sankar

"My favorite part was when I saw the surprised and happy expressions of the police officers when they realized that we were serving them lunch." - Keerthana Aduri

"We asked some questions to first responders we met and they said some things that I did not expect. For example they had explained that there are around 20 departments and that Frisco has one of the best responding times" - Radhika Manthena

"They sounded very confident and passionate about what they do, and I learned that they deal with cases like robberies, crimes, and fire-related incidents besides patrolling the city." - Meghana Aduri

"It was amazing to clearly see the joy in their eyes from being appreciated and hear stories about their job. " - Lakshman Vennamaneni


On March 22nd, we had our first tour of the Police department office, where Police officers provided behind-the-scenes experience with hands-on education about various departments, squad car, cool gadgets & equipment that aid them to keep us safe. They explained how 911 calls work and how dispatch flow works. Youth expressed their enthusiasm about this and we plan to have at least 100 youngsters get benefitted from this project in 2021.

"It was a wonderful experience! The police officer guiding us was so kind and friendly. I went into this event thinking that I knew most of what was there to know about the police force, but I learned so much! Because of this event, I have a newfound respect for our police and the work that they do." - Sahana Peechara
"We met a police officer who acted as our tour guide, and saw his weapons, different tools police officers use, etc.) It was very interactive, and we got to go inside the jail and a squad car (which was interesting)." - Sahiti Peechara
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